Saturday, March 20, 2010


Welcome on my new blog!

First something - don't worry, not too much! - about me. My name is Sven Bendel, I'm from Bonn in Germany and I'm studying computer sciences at the University of Bonn. Therefore, you may have guessed it from the title of this blog, I will post mostly about technical themes (mainly Ubuntu and Google's Android), unless something very important happens in the other parts of my life - who knows, what may come ;)

I will write on an irregular basis, so don't worry if you get used to reading this blog and then notice, that I didn't update it for a few weeks - that may happen if nothing noticeable happens.

As I'm from Germany please forgive me the errors I - undoubtedly - will make when writing in English.

To explain the topic selection a little bit more: I'm using Ubuntu every day - in my opinion it's the best OS for working and programming, although I still have Microsoft's Windows 7 on my computer in case I want to play a little bit in my spare time between studying and working for the computer sciences department of the University of Bonn. I'm a so called SHK ("Studentische Hilfskraft" in German) which means, that I'm working for the university while being a student. Currently we are working on a location based mobile game called "Mister X" being strongly related to the famous "Scotland Yard" board game - you may have already heard about it. The game is being developed for iPhone and Android and I'm doing some programming for the Android version (for further information and some radio and TV clips visit Qeevee's website, a spin-off of the University of Bonn). That's the reason why I will also post some tips and tricks for Android.

Pheew... first post done! That should be enough for now. Stay tuned!